Platinum Dragons Adventures Guild

The Platinum Dragons Adventures guild is for lack of a better name a Mercenary Group, who take on contracts of a more noble nature.

Code of Conduct:

The Guild follows the Original Charter created by the founding members of the guild, who’s names are lost in time. the charter lays down a basic code of conduct.

1: Stand Together as one of Together you will fall.

2: Bring Glory and Honor to the Guild.

3: Your Quest comes first, all other Goals are Secondary

4: Diversity Breeds Survivability

5: Be willing to help all, even if there is no Gold in it.

6: Protect those unable to protect themselves, even if it means your life.

7: Do not harm those who can not fight

8: We are not soldiers, we fight no ones wars

After these, the guild homes are free to lay down their own rules for operation with in their Jurisdiction. Most of the time these rules are to obey and respect local laws and customs, Though under special circumstances these rules are allowed to be bent or broken. Usually when this is done, once local Judicial review has been completed, and sentencing been decided the guild will hold its own tribunal decided a proper course of action to take.

Guild Home:

A guild home is defined as a primary base for which a guild member usually will eat, rest, recover, and find sanctuary between missions. Often the gold received from missions is first given to the guild home, whom takes an appropriate amount to aid in the upkeep of the guild home, and then pays the members who took place in the operation their fee. They are free to use that money as they see fit. While it is not required to live out of the guild home, most new members stay until they have appropriated enough wealth to purchase a home for them selves, or have a regular area they work from. It is also not unheard of that a member remains in the guild home tell they reach a certain rank with in the guild, or even retire from the guild all together.

Not every city has a guild home, but most major Cities do have one. there is only one town which has two guild homes, and this is because of the sheer size of the city.

Guild Home Services:





Governing Body:


Platinum Dragons Adventures Guild

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