God and Goddess

Good Deities

Arria: The Hunter

Carrion: King of the Heavens

Athenes: Wisdom in War

Helon: The Sun

Heron: The messenger

Proteos: King of the Waves

Isirs: Queen of Magic

Hothron: Vengeance

Neutral Deities:

Aren: God of Battle

Festus: The Smith

Thebus: Thief of Immortality

Heris: Goddess of Love

Anut: The Judge

Osirin: King of the Underworld

Thonoth: Knoledge

Evil Dieties:

Lithas: the Beast

Lollith: The Drow Queen

Seth: Darkness

Nivmanos: God of Chaos

Barthos: God of Blood

The Red Mask: God of Assasins

Cronos: Creator of Time

God and Goddess

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